"We strive to offer an exceptional level of customer service through our expertise and professionalism..."

We never forget that our business is about "people" - not "numbers". Our team talks "to" our clients rather than "at them" and we focus on developing our relationship with our clients by endeavouring to fully understand what they require from us.
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Alexander Probin have been my accountants for over 10 years. I have found Yvonne Crank and her team to be extremely professional and knowledgeable in dealing with my affairs. Yvonne is always available to give help and advice and I have never felt limited in the tine she is prepared to spend dealing with any questions I have. As I run my business on my own it is extremely reassuring to know that help is just a phone call away. Dealing with Alexander Probin is not like dealing with many accountants I come into contact with and their relaxed but extremely efficient approach does put me at ease when I am dealing with financial and tax issues that I don't always understand fully. I can't praise the service they provide highly enough and I have as a result recommended Yvonne to many of my own clients and I have had exactly the same feedback.

Barry Frost, Managing Director, Commercial Plus (Chester) Ltd

Starting up as an independent educational consultant two and a half years ago, Alexander Probin Ltd. was personally recommended to me by a former colleague, who felt Yvonne understood our line of work and was also very approachable. As self employment was totally new to me, the challenge of building my business whilst navigating the mysterious depths of tax and insurance was very daunting. However with a perfect mix of professional expertise and genuine support, Yvonne and her team have efficiently guided me into my third successful year.

What I appreciate most working with Yvonne and her team is how they consistently respond promptly to any of my quires and their explanations are always given in terms a layperson can understand, but without a hint of condescension.

My trust is well placed in her experience and professionalism, and feeling that Yvonne is part of my team frees me to enjoy the challenges of developing my own enterprise. I would wholeheartedly recommend Alexander Probin Ltd. to anyone who values such a personalised, professional relationship.

Alison Isherwood, Primary English Consultancy Ltd.

If you have an accountant then generally speaking you will be in business of some description or other and as a business owner you would converse with other business owners.

General conversation like staffing problems, attracting new customers, payment of tax and how your accountant was either adding value or was a heavy unnecessary burden on your profit margins.

People say that you should choose an accountant with a similar business philosophy as your own... unfortunately most people don't do this. They are in no mans land, not in enough financial pain to make a decision to change or have a better the devil you know attitude

Here's my story, about 8 years ago, I was in no mans land, neither happy nor unhappy with my accountant I had at the time. I knew my present accountant did not have the same business philosophies or vision as I had, and talking with a fellow business owner about staff, lack of customers blah blah, we began discussing accountants.

Well one thing led to another and I went for an introductory non-committal private conversation with Yvonne to discuss my business and personal finances. I was bowled over by the things she had to say, the attention to detail in the words she used with me and the vision she had for businesses and how she loved to watch a business under her guidance steer towards a more profitable end of year, year after year.

8 years later with her due diligence, her consistent proactive approach I can say that we as a business have been steered towards a better improved end of year, year after year since switching over from no mans land. The grass is definitely greener on this side of the valley. If you are stuck in no mans land but want to improve your operating cash, I would whole heartedly recommend a private non committal conversation with Yvonne, as I did 8 years ago, She has never told me anything I didn't already know in business but what she has done is implemented financial strategies improving my efficiency and productivity and more importantly my operating cash flow.

There is a saying I use for with my children that can be used in certain business situations.

Try and you know. Don't try and you'll never know

Paul Henshaw, Managing Director, Handmade Health Care Ltd

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