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Rates and Allowances - National Insurance Contributions

National Minimum wage From 1 October 2013
Class 1A (Employers) 13.8% on employee taxable benefits
Class 1B (Employers) 13.8% on PAYE Settlement Agreements
Class 2 (Self-employed) flat rate per week £2.75 small earnings exception £5,885 p.a.
Class 4 (Self-employed) 9% on profits between £7,956 and £41,865 plus 1% on profits over £41,865.
Over 22 £6.31
18-21 inclusive £5.03
16 and 17 £3.72

Rates & Allowances

Rates and allowances for income tax, corporation tax, capital gains tax, inheritance tax and the pension scheme earnings cap are set out below.

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